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Franchising:  Canada, U.S.A. Europe!

Now available, contact for more details.

Be first to secure your area, at a nominal cost and operation, best on the market!  Be ahead of everyone in this market change in our industry! You need to have the sign that stands out among the multiple of no-name signs the public gets to choose from! Our sign tells it upfront! 3.5 Realty!

Why would the public choose , Joe Realty, My Choice Realty, Best buy Realty, ReMan Realty, etc, etc etc, and still pay 5% to 6% listing fees, or “I’ll buy your home Realty” or “No Fees Realty” which you know there is always a hitch from this type of advertising.

We give you a large area of protection, and first option to expand in your city!