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Our Concept.

Why we believe that our system works! 

1. Times are changing in the real estate industry, and we want to be there.

2. We have put a product together to benefit both the client and our agents.

3. Too many no name agencies, with little help, and no experienced agents to walk clients through their biggest investment.

4. The economy dictates that the real estate industry must change, since the American fallout, we as Canadians have been adjusting since, and are continuing to, with mortgage adjustments, low interest rates, layoffs, and increased debt-load.

5.  We give full service, we have insurance, we are former Re/Max agents, with years of experience. We are not part time agents.

6. Here is the big one folks, we have access to approx. 3,000 agents in the Ottawa area, with our fee of 3.5% we give out up to 2.5% to the selling agent. These 3,000 agents will help sell your property and be more aggressive when they are dealing with 2.5%.

Like it or not, they do not like dealing with home owners personally that may or may not be in the mood to pay a reasonable commission, and will look elsewhere for their buying clients. 

“WE WILL BUY YOUR HOUSE IF WE DON’T SELL IT!!!!!”   Yea Right, if it’s too good to be true, it is!!!  these guys have so many outs from the promise, don’t be naïve, if you even make the call to them, be sure to read all the fine print.  Just another scam that hurts the real estate industry.  Save your time and buy a lottery ticket, better chance.

Warnings about Comfree, Purple Bricks, and other Discount real estate sites.

Services, hidden costs upfront, time involved, percentages that are not disclosed. Sellers beware!

( Read the small print that they legally have to place on advertising! ” If your house is sold by an outside agent you may need to pay up to 2.5%)  Most houses are sold by outside agents!

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